A Quality  Diversed Team

Project Management

Security, Quality and Service

The Carrington Group (CG) is a full service IT service and support provider.  In business since, July 1995, we have built a reputation around quality people and delivering quality products and services.

Core Competencies

In a digital dynamic economy where  security and integrity of data is not only a concern, but a requirement for most progressive organizations,  The Carrington Group is the answer for managing and the safeguarding of all your information assets.

CG understands the information technology industry. We scan the IT horizon to stay abreast of upcoming innovations ensuring our customers the  benefit of the most recent and effective technologies.

Engineering done right the first time ... All the time!!!





Project Management

Design to support on-time delivery of quality products

P.O. Box 785  -  Lanham, Maryland  -  20703  - Phone:  (301) 918-0012 - Fax:  (301) 918-0066

Systems Design

Predictable  processes that are repeatable  ensuring  delivery of  reliable quality  products and services.

Enterprise Architecture

A holistic approach designed to support the compliance to enterprise standards.  

Medical Informatics

The delivery and safeguard of medical data and info that saves lives and dollars.

The Carrington Group, Incorporated